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All students in our classroom curriculum receive personalised attention from our skilled faculty team, which includes Chartered Accountants, Professionals, and Professors with extensive academic expertise. Om Commerce has helped every candidate pass their Board exams. We have a reputation for offering excellent commerce coaching to class 12 students for over 17 years.

Commerce As Stream

Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, as well as Maths and Informatics Practices, are all studied in this stream. An effective curriculum is critical in teaching knowledge to children so that they can continue their education and have a bright future.

Admissions to a top commerce coaching institute

Admission procedures at Om Commerce, a top commerce coaching institute in Patna, may differ from one programme to the next. We provide direct admission choices for commerce students in class 12th. Students can enroll in Commerce Class 12 immediately by visiting their local Branches in Patna or by paying the fees using the options above.

You can also pay a registration fee of just ₹ 100 to reserve your position in forthcoming batches. To reserve a seat, please click here. My Seat Has Been Reserved

No student will be allowed to attend class until they have paid the registration fee (applies to some courses), admission cost, and the first instalment of tuition charge. There will be no demo for the offline commerce class in class 12th, but there will be some for the online commerce class.

Commerce Class 12th Classroom Courses

1 Year Classroom Course for Class 12th commerce

Course Description for class 12th commerce:-
  • Accountancy (Mandatory)
  • Business Studies (Mandatory)
  • Economics (Mandatory)
  • English (Mandatory)
  • Mathematics (Optional)

Students will be taught the Commerce Class 12 syllabus in accordance with the Boards (CBSE, ICSE, BSEB and other boards). Among the topics covered will be:

Accountancy Syllabus for Commerce Class 12:

Part – A Company Accounts Share Capital, Issue of Debenture, Redemption of Debenture

Part – B Partnership Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundamentals, Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partner, Admission of a Partner, Retirement & Death of a Partner, Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

Part – C Non- Profit Organisation

Part – D Financial Accounting 
Financial Statements Of Companies, Financial Statements Analysis, Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements, Common Size Statements, Accounting Ratios

Economics syllabus:-

Microeconomics:-Introduction to Economics, Some Basic Concepts of Macro Economics, National Income & Related Aggregates, Methods of Calculating National income, Money, Banking, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and Related Concepts, Short Run Equilibrium Output, Problem of Deficient Demand and Excess Demand, Government Budget and the Economy, Foreign Exchange Rate, Balance of Payments

Indian Economy:-Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence, Five Years Plan in India: Goals & Achievements, Features, Problems & policies of Agriculture, Strategy of Industrial Growth(1947-1990), Indian Foreign Trade (1947 – 1990), Economic Reforms since 1991 or New Economic Policy, Poverty, Human Capital formation in India, Rural Development, Employment & Unemployment, Inflation :Problems & Policies, Infrastructure , Environment & Sustainable Development, Development Experience of India, Pakistan & China: A comparative Study

Business Studies syllabus:

PART – A PRINCIPLES AND FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT: Nature and significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business Environment, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Controlling

Part – B BUSINESS FINANCE AND MARKETING: Financial management, Finance markets, Marketing management, Consumer protection

Part- C Project Work

Mathematics syllabus:-

Part A Relations & Functions: Relations & Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Part B Algebra: Matrices, Determinants, Adjoin of a Matrix, System of Linear Equations
Part C Calculus: Continuity and Differentiability, Rate Measurer, Monotonicity, Tangents & Normal, Approximation, Maxima & Minima, Integrals, Applications of the Integrals, Differential Equations
Part D Vectors & 3D Geometry: Vectors, 3D Geometry
Part E Linear Programming
Part F Probability: 
Conditional Probability, Random Variable, Binomial Distribution

English syllabus:


The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap, Indigo, Poets & Pancakes, The Interview, Going Places
My Mother at Sixty Six, An Elementry School Classroom in a Slum, Keeping Quiet, A Thing of Beauty, A Road side Stand, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigres
The Third Level, The Tiger King, Journey to the End of the Earth, The Enemy, Should Wizard hit Mommy, On the Face of it, Evans tries an O- level, Memories of Childhood, Reading, Writing & Grammar Section, Reading Comprehension (Passages), Short Writing Task (Notice, Advertisement, Invitation etc.),  Long Writing Task Letters- (Formal), Article, Report Writing etc, Grammar (IF Given Then…)

Course Highlights

Following the completion of each chapter, the usual unit exam will be administered. The results of the unit test will be sent to parents/guardians and students through SMS. At the end of the curriculum, relevant and unique study material will be offered.

Additional Advantage:-

  • Special classes and test series are held to help students prepare for the Board exam.
  • In the classroom, last year’s class 11th test questions are being answered.
  • Students are assigned homework tasks.
  • Motivational courses and extracurricular activities are conducted on a regular basis.
  • One-to-one doubt clearing.
  • Please visit your local Om Commerce Branch for more information about Class 12th Commerce courses.
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