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Commerce Subject: Commerce study materials for Class 11 are available for free. Commerce provides a thorough understanding of economics, finance, accounting, and management. In Commerce Class For 11, chartered accountants and teams will teach you the fundamentals and in-depth understanding of commerce. You’ve studied a wide range of subjects from kindergarten to Class 10, but now is the time to focus on your passions.

Commerce As Stream

Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, as well as Maths and Informatics Practices, are all studied in this stream. An effective curriculum is critical in teaching knowledge to children so that they can continue their education and have a bright future.

Admissions to a top commerce coaching institute

Admission procedures at Om Commerce, a top commerce coaching institute in Patna, may differ from one programme to the next. We provide direct admission choices for commerce students in class 11th. Students can enroll in Commerce Class 11 immediately by visiting their local Branches in Patna or by paying the fees using the options above.

You can also pay a registration fee of just ₹ 100 to reserve your position in forthcoming batches. To reserve a seat, please click here. My Seat Has Been Reserved

No student will be allowed to attend class until they have paid the registration fee (applies to some courses), admission cost, and the first instalment of tuition charge. There will be no demo for the offline commerce class in class 11th, but there will be some for the online commerce class.

Commerce Class 11th Classroom Courses

1 Year Classroom Course for Class 11th commerce

Course Description for class 11th commerce:-
  • Accountancy (Mandatory)
  • Business Studies (Mandatory)
  • Economics (Mandatory)
  • English (Mandatory)
  • Mathematics (Optional)

Commerce students in this course will be taught the entire Commerce Class 11 syllabus according to their respective Boards (CBSE, ICSE, BSEB and, other Boards). The following are the syllabus and subjects taught in Class 11th: –

Accountancy Syllabus for Commerce Class 11:

Accounting Definitions and Objectives, Basic Accounting Terms, Accounting Principles, Accounting Process and Foundations, Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Accounting Equations Origin of Transactions: Accounting Source Documents, Double Entry System Accounting for Goods and Services Tax (GST), Books of Original Entry – Cash Book, Books of Original Entry – Special Purpose Subsidiary Books Trial Balance, Ledger, and Errors Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves, Bills of Exchange, Error Rectification, Capital and Revenue, Financial Statements, Financial Statements-With Adjustments, Accounts based on Incomplete Records Computer Fundamentals, Accounting Information System Fundamentals, Computerized Accounting System Fundamentals, Accounting Software Package: Tally, Project Work

Economics syllabus:-

Microeconomics: Economics and Economy, Economic Central Problems, Consumer’s Equilibrium, Utility Analysis, Consumer’s Equilibrium Indifference Curve Analysis, Theory of Demand, Price Elasticity of Demand, Production Function and Returns to a Factor, Cost and Revenue Concepts, Producer’s Equilibrium, Theory of Supply, Market Forms Market Equilibrium under Perfect Competition and the Effects of Demand and Supply Shifts
Statistics for Economics:-The Economic Concept and the Importance of Statistics in Economics, Data Collection, Census and Sample Methods of Data Collection, Data Organization Data Presentation – Textual and Tabular Data, Diagrammatic Data Presentation – Bar Diagrams and Pie Diagrams, Frequency Diagrams – Histogram, Polygon, and Ogive Time Series Graphs or Arithmetic Line Graphs, Central Tendency Measures – Arithmetic Mean, Central Tendency Measures – Median & Mode, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation, Index Number

Business Studies syllabus:

Part A: Business Foundations: Nature and Purpose of Business, Business Organization Forms, Public, Private, and Global Enterprises, Business Services, Emerging Modes of Business, Social Responsibility of Business, and Business Ethics
Part B Finance and Trade: Business Finance Sources, Small Business, Internal Trade, International Trade, Project Work

Mathematics syllabus:-

Part A Relations & Functions
Relations & Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Part B Algebra
Matrices, Determinants, Adjoint of a Matrix, System of Linear Equations
Part C Calculus:
Continuity and Differentiability, Rate Measurer, Monotonicity, Tangents & Normal, Approximation, Maxima & Minima, Integrals, Applications of the Integrals, Differential Equations
Part D Vectors & 3D Geometry:
Vectors, 3D Geometry
Part E Linear Programming
Part F Probability:
Conditional Probability, Random Variable, Binomial Distribution

English syllabus:

The Portrait Of a Lady, We’re not afraid to die–If we can all be together, Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues, Landscape of the Soul, The Ailing Planet:the Green Movement’s Role, The Browing Version, The Adventure, Silk Road
A Photograph, Laburnum Too, The Voice of the Rain, Childhood, Father to Son
The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, The Address, Ranga’s Marriage, Albert Einstein at school, Mother’s Day, The Ghat of the Only World, Birth, The Tale Of Melon City

  • Reading, Writing & Grammar Section
  • Reading Comprehension (Passage)
  • Short writing Task (Notice, Advertisement, Invitation etc)
  • Long Writing Task Letters (Formal), Article, Report
  • Grammar: Determiners, Tenses, Narration etc

Course Highlights

Following the completion of each chapter, the usual unit exam will be administered. The results of the unit test will be sent to parents/guardians and students through SMS. At the end of the curriculum, relevant and unique study material will be offered.

Additional Advantage:-

  • Special classes and test series are held to help students prepare for the Board exam.
  • In the classroom, last year’s class 11th test questions are being answered.
  • Students are assigned homework tasks.
  • Motivational courses and extracurricular activities are conducted on a regular basis.
  • One-to-one doubt clearing.
  • Please visit your local Om Commerce Branch for more information about Class 11th Commerce courses.
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